Founded in December 2021, West Ham 365 is predominantly a content aggregator which aims to provide West Ham fans with a one-stop-shop for all things West Ham United.

From West Ham news, West Ham transfer rumours and West Ham podcasts, to West Ham videos, West Ham polls, West Ham stats and West Ham quizzes, this is the only place you’ll ever need in order to get your West Ham fix.

But our mission isn’t just to provide our audience with all the finest West Ham-related content they’re looking for, but we also want to provide West Ham content creators with a place to showcase their work to a much wider audience.

If you’re a content creator with a West Ham related website, podcast and/or YouTube channel and want to have your content plugged into West Ham 365, please contact us so that we can get you all set up.

One thing we do pride ourselves on is ensuring content creators on our platform have full creative licence over their content. We will never, ever dictate what our publishers can or cannot write about, just as long as the content they’re creating is related to West Ham United.

We are well aware of other aggregators who hold too much control over what content publishers are able to create in order to appear on their respective platforms, often claiming they know exactly what type of content their audience does and doesn’t want.

At West Ham 365, we want to take those restrictions away so that publishers can essentially regain control of their platforms and our audience can make decisions for themselves.

We do have very brief Publisher Guidelines, which simply outline what we can and cannot accept on our platform, but they do not under any circumstances attempt to dictate what publishers can and can’t do.