Unlike other content aggregators, West Ham 365 does not intend to restrict content creators on its platform when it comes to creative license. Put simply, if there is a piece of content you want to create for your audience, then it’s very likely our audience will be interested in it.

However, we do ask that all publishers on the West Ham 365 Publisher Network abide by the below Publisher Guidelines. This is only to ensure our audience will continue to be served relevant West Ham-related content, as well as to ensure our platform remains safe and free of any offensive, abusive and illegal content.

Please see below for our Publisher Guidelines.

Off-topic Content

First and foremost, your content must always be related to West Ham United in one-way shape or form.

If you are a publisher or content creator that does not exclusively cover West Ham United, we ask you to provide us with an RSS feed that specifically sans your West Ham United content.

We do accept links to content that is related to competitions and offers, but only when the nature of this content is West Ham United related.

Any content on West Ham 365‘s platform that is not exclusively about West Ham United will be removed.


Content must be your own and not copied or plagiarised from another source. This applies to all editorial, podcast and video content. The rehashing of West Ham news and/or West Ham transfer rumours content is fine, but this content should be significantly different to the original source’s content.

Any content on West Ham 365‘s platform that is found to be copied or plagiarised from another source will be removed.

Sourcing and Accreditation

When making claims within your content or rehashing news content from another source, please strive to link back to the original source of the information you are referring.

We recognise that this is not always possible (for example, when referring to a report in a newspaper column) but we ask that a reasonable effort be made to credit the original source.

Spelling and Grammar

We ask that all publishers strive to ensure their content is free of any spelling or grammatical errors. However, we recognise that not every content creator is Charles Dickens.

As long as your content is readable and can be reasonably understood by our audience, we will be happy to accept this content.


We recognise the importance of standing out in a crowded feed of headlines that may all be related to that same story. This means headlines often require a certain level of creativity in order for them to be more appealing to your audience.

However, we ask that your headlines are not misleading in any way, shape or form. Our audience should not feel duped into clicking a headline that does not accurately reflect the nature of the content they are consuming.

Any misleading headlines will be removed from West Ham 365‘s platform.

Fake News

We do not accept, under any circumstances, content that links to fake news or does not give our audience a fair representation of a particular story.

If we view any content on our feeds that we believe to be fake news, it will be removed.


Your content must be free of offensive and abusive language. This includes profanities, racism, antisemitism, sectarian, homophobic, defamatory, libellous or any other language that may be seen as abusive, insulting or offensive.

Any content that includes any of the above and/or worse will be removed from West Ham 365‘s platform and, depending on the severity of the language used, we may take the decision to stop linking to your content indefinitely.


Please be aware that if you do not hold an official image licence with an image provider, you may be in breach of copyright law. As we do not host your images on our platform, it is your own responsibility to ensure you always have the legal right to use images within your content.

We cannot be held responsible for any breaches of copyright law.

Audio and Video

If your content is purely audio and/or video-based, we only ask that your content does not breach our Fake News guidelines above.

We recognise that this type of content may involve profanity during a discussion, particularly surrounding passionate or controversial topics. We’re all fans, so we know that we can get caught up in the moment every now and then.

However, this still does not excuse racism, antisemitism, homophobia, or any other language that is offensive or abusive. In the case of video, the same applies to hand or body signals that may be viewed as abusive or offensive. Any audio or video content that is found to include offensive or abusive language of this nature will be removed from our platform and, depending on the severity of the language used, we may take the decision to stop linking to your content indefinitely.

Please be aware that the use of audio and/or video footage that you do not own (commentary, match highlights, etc) may leave you in breach of copyright law. Please ensure your audio/video content is your own or royalty-free at all times.

We cannot be held responsible for any breaches of copyright law.

Breaches of West Ham 365’s Publisher Guidelines

As stated in most of the points above, any breaches of our Publisher Guidelines may result in the removal of headlines from West Ham 365‘s platform.

We reserve the right to do this without warning but, when possible, we will always try to provide a full explanation as to why we deemed the headline as in breach of our Publisher Guidelines.

On the very rare occasion that we feel the need to remove an entire publication from our feeds, we will always provide a full explanation to the publisher and/or content creator.

The removal of publications may be temporary or indefinite, depending on the severity of the offence. We will always communicate with publishers and/or content creators with regards to our reasoning and the time frames involved in the event of RSS feeds being removed from West Ham 365‘s platform.

West Ham 365 reserves the right to amend its Publisher Guidelines at any time and without notice.


If you want to apply to have your content ingested by West Ham 365’s platform, please click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.